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The Dance of an Idiot

The dance of an Idiot-thang on a Quest




Karolina Burdyło, Marysia Gruszecka, Klara Sidorczuk, Katarzyna Żytomirska, Grzegorz Byczek, Krzysztof Czapliński, Artur Sękalski, Andrzej Ośko


Director: Elżbieta Jabłońska


The performance is based upon the theme, that exists in tales of many cultures, about an idiot in search for the Gold Bird. We expressed it by physical theatre language, traditional songs from Belarus and Japan and motives from the folk iconography. Performance speaks with poetry of Thomas Stearn Elliot, Miron Białoszewski and Rainer Maria Rilke. We focused on universal, timeless values of this tale.


The main theme of our performance is a man facing the unbearable, difficult to define longing for.   It leads him/her to meaningful engagement with pain. In the dried out underground land one meets people who suffer from hunger and thirst. But that’s the only way that leads to the Gold Bird.

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