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Theatre production of the Art Foundation Marebito based on Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.
Director and script's author: Affan Fatih Ozturk
Preview 2nd of July, 7 P.M Academia Theatre
11 Listopada street, 22, second floor
How it feels to be a stranger in your own home?
How it feels when you can't express yourself?
How it feels when your own family rejects you?
The main character of an outstanding short story by Franz Kafka  'Metamorphosis' wakes up one day just to discover he turned into an insect. He keeps thinking and feeling like a human, but looks like a creepy-crawly and is not able to say any understandable word.
It must have been a nightmare. But it's not.
A timeless, surreal, metaphor applicable to any culture, any country, any family will be staged with no words apart from one name...
Cast: Adrianna Kabza, Angela Ottone, Małgorzata Tusińska, Piotr Zwolski, Jakub Szymczyna, Bartosz Cymbalista
Coaching: Anna Maria Dąbrowska

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